The Women’s Cottage is currently providing services for women affected by the work of The Royal commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse, supporting a friend or a family member and/or impacted by the work of the Royal Commission, The Women’s Cottage can offer trained, experienced and supportive workers to provide individual counselling, therapeutic groups, advocacy, practical assistance, drop in/phone in support and specialist referrals.

For more details ph: 4578 4190.

A Series of Workshops & Retreats

Waking the Whole Woman

This free program offers intensive recovery and personal development opportunities for women survivors of child sexual abuse who are ready (sufficiently progressed in their healing journey) to integrate and embrace their true selves and live an authentic life.

During the program participants are guided to develop self-care practices, map and celebrate your healing journey, reclaim lost or hidden parts of self, embrace and integrate personal strengths, envision a new way of being, create a way forward and develop a supportive community of women.  develop skills such as mindfulness, centering and self-awareness, reflection, journaling, creative expression and building relationships and community.

The program is a series of workshops and retreats which include:

  • Gathering the Circle – an introductory session to create a safe space
  • Safety to Heal - 1 day retreat
  • Weaving the strengths
  • Embracing the whole woman
  • Sustaining change

Individual counselling and support will be available during and after the program.

To get the greatest benefit, women are encouraged to participate in the whole program.

For information and registration package email:  [email protected]


Valuable Authentic Lives of Unlimited Resilience is an eight week therapeutic group program for women who were sexually abused as children. Facilitators create a safe and confidential space in which women can explore healing strategies that address the effects of childhood sexual abuse in present day life. Facilitators will arrange a time to meet each woman individually for an essential pr- group meet & greet before commencing the program.

Child minding is provided if needed when booked in advance. A light lunch is provided.

Managing Difficult Emotions

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, anger, sadness, frustration, fear or other difficult emotions? In this group Facilitators will share creative and practical strategies to increase your self- esteem, happiness and self -confidence, become more assertive, and develop a better relationship with your difficult emotions. Facilitators will arrange time to meet with women individually for an essential meet & greet before commencing the program.