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The Womens Cottage, supporting women and children of the Hawkesbury area since 1983



Acceptance Empowerment Resilience


The Women's Cottage is a community based support

and resource centre, run by women, for women

(and their children) who live, work or study

in the Hawkesbury Local Government Area

and it's immediate surrounds. 


Located at 22 Bosworth street Richmond,


Ph 45784190


Drop In - Phone in 



to speak to with the



Womens Advocacy Violence



Emergency (W.A.V.E.) Support worker 




no appointment needed but to access womens cottage services



women should drop in or ring within the hours listed below



Monday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday 9.30am-1pm,



Tuesday 9.30-4pm & Thursday afternoons 3-7pm


 See our Group program by clicking Groups under the main menue



The Women's Cottage is a special place where all women, regardless of

 age, race,religion or sexual preference are valued and treated as equal.

It is a place for womento nurture themselves; a place of safety;

a place to learn and grow.

Itis not a place for "one  type of woman",

but a place for all.
A place that believes that access and equity are 

more that ideas and principles.


The Women's Cottage offers specialist, experienced and skilled support


forwomen who have    experienced violence and abuse and a range


of other support services including:

              • Confidential crisis support and advocacy.
              • Access to either low cost or free (specialist) counselling services including ;
                    • * women who have experienced an abusive/ violent intimate partner relationship
                    • * women who were sexually abused as a child 
              • Case management and referrals
              • Healthy relationship information & Safety plans for leaving or living with abuse,
              • Emotional & psychological support and preparation for court (we do not offer legal advice).
              • Practical and material support
              • Theraputic, social and interest groups. (for details seee Groups)
              • A childrens play room
              • Activities, courses & information for women & children.
              • Low cost appointments with a Bowen Practitioner, Massage &  beauty therapist,
              • Safe & experienced child-minding for group participants
  •               A venue for women's groups to meet.
            • Information Brochures in ARABIC SPANISH,  Indigenous workers available
            • Immediate and direct access to interpreter services 


The Women's Cottage keeps a range of information on a  variety of topics including:

  •                                  Women's Health information
  •                                         Work related issues
  •                                                 Children's services
  •                                                         Domestic Violence
  •                                                              Sexual assault
  •                                                                Information on local and regional services



The Cottage also has free monthly copies of LOTL and Cherie available




The Womens Cottage would like acknowledge and thank Vitamin King for their

ongoing IT support - via ' the fabulous Computer Ninja' Ashley